Celtics a hot favorite for next NBA championship title, ahead of California’s major teams


The Boston Celtics have always had a knack for turning heads and making an impact in the NBA. The last season was no exception, with the team posting an impressive 57-25 record under the leadership of rookie head coach Joe Mazzulla. The stellar performance marked the most wins by the Celtics since their 2008-09 campaign, placing them as the No. 2 seed in the Eastern Conference. Even after their loss in the Eastern Conference Finals, the Celtics remain among the leading contenders to claim an NBA championship crown this year.

Historical Comparison: Celtics vs. California’s Titans

To gain a clearer perspective of the Boston Celtics' potential, it can be helpful to compare their stature against Californian powerhouses such as the Lakers. Both teams have historically been fierce competitors - evidenced by their 17 NBA championship wins each.

Historical statistics may provide useful insight, but they cannot guarantee future wins. With roster changes and strategies constantly adapting throughout a season, nothing is guaranteed for success. However, some recent additions of new talent have helped the Celtics become one of the favorites for this championship with odds of +575. In comparison, the Lakers aren’t even in the top five favorites for the season ahead, currently sitting at around +1300. California’s other major players, the Golden State Warriors, are at similar odds for the 2024 season, so could this be the year that Boston takes the lead?

While it’s still early days, the Celtics have really earned themselves a place among reliable contenders. At a 54.9% cover rate, they have outshone all but seven teams, such as the Denver Nuggets and Philadelphia 76ers. And, with so many impressive performances from last season by the Celtics alone it would seem reasonable to consider them favorites for next year.

It’s also worth considering the legality of sports betting in the states with the favorite teams for next year. In Massachusetts, retail and online betting are both legal, meaning there will be plenty of fans backing the Celtics this season. In California, on the other hand, most forms of betting are still illegal, as shown here. Of course, betting doesn’t mean a team will be successful, but the increased engagement and investment from fans when they have a bet on the game is sure to add an excellent atmosphere to the games.

The Crucial Offseason Decisions

Despite their promising performance and betting trends, the Celtics have found themselves on the brink of an offseason riddled with uncertainties. For instance, they had faced a lot of questions about Jaylen Brown’s contract extension, until a new contract was signed at the end of July 2023, which has proven itself to be the richest contract extension in NBA’s history. Similarly, there were also rumours about a possible change in the head coaching position; yet, these ones have proven themselves to be false. Regardless of many uncertainties faced, the team continues to be a favorite among sports experts.

The Bottom Line

To wrap things up, there's no denying the Boston Celtics' noteworthy status heading into the next NBA season. With their formidable showing in the previous season and a rich history of championship triumphs, they've earned a spot as serious contenders for the upcoming title. Yet, the path to glory is not devoid of hurdles. Offseason uncertainties and the relentless challenge from formidable opponents such as the Denver Nuggets, Milwaukee Bucks, and Phoenix Suns add layers of unpredictability to the forthcoming season.

One thing is evident, however: The Celtics aim to win their first championship since 2008 and plan on doing everything necessary to turn this dream into a reality.

However, in the world of basketball, we have seen numerous surprises and quick turnarounds so many times that nothing can be stated with certainty. Hence, even though historical records and expert conjectures lend favor to the Celtics, the championship title's ultimate destination remains to be revealed by time itself.