Jaylen Brown becomes NBA's highest paid player with $304 million extension

Well there you have it. Jaylen Brown gets the full 5 year, $304 million dollar super max and will also get a trade kicker. The Celtics did hold out on the player option year, but to be honest with you, it's very doubtful Jaylen would be turning down that 5th year for $70 million anyway.

The Celtics will not be eligible to trade Brown for a full calendar year now. Jayson Tatum is next up next with his super max next summer.

There was never any doubt in my mind that Jaylen would accept the $304 million super max. It was $100n million more than any other team could pay him in free agency. Personally I would have liked the Celtics to negotiate down some. Something like $270 million, but alas no dice. The Celtics already lost Grant Williams partly due to tax concerns and expect more casualties in the future with Brown and Tatum both making super max money.