Bucks down 3-1, Celtics could have home-court throughout 2023 playoffs

Celtics fans, buckle up. After a historic performance by the Miami Heat's Jimmy Butler, Boston is now one Milwaukee loss away from having home-court advantage for the rest of the playoffs. With Miami up 3-1 in the series, they only need to win 1 of the final 3 games of the series to take down the #1 seed.

Playoff Jimmy is a real thing and someone I have grown to respect throughout the years of watching him. With 56 points in game 4, Jimmy put himself in rarified air. The scoring outburst from the Heat star was tied for the 4th most points in a playoff game in NBA history. One more win is all they need, but with 2 of a possible 3 games in Milwaukee, they need to bury them and not give the Bucks any life. Teams are 72-3 all-time when up 3-1 in the 1st round, so don't screw around Miami. If they're able to finish it off, the C's will be playing 4 out of 7 games at home in every series this postseason in front of the best fans in the entire league.