Who are the favorites to win March Madness 2023?

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It's that time of year again! March Madness, the glorious NCAA basketball tournament where anything can and often does happen, is back! With key contenders from all across the country in pursuit of College Basketball's ultimate title, there are certainly some teams who seem to have better odds than others this season.

In this blog post, we'll talk about who these likely favorites for the championship crown really are for what has been a roller coaster ride through the regular season to see who can put it all together when push comes to shove come tournament time. Come along with us as we take a look at some of our predictions and analysis on which teams may be able to make it in the 2023 March Madness!


Houston is one of the squads considered to have one of the best shots at walking away with a championship title this season. Boasting an elite defensive unit bolstered by speedy guards and a plethora of experienced shooters, they've been able to put together some impressive wins against top-ranked opponents this year.

With star player Marcus Sasser leading the way, it's no wonder why Houston has consistently been among the betting favorites for the March Madness action.

With a +500 betting odds to win the title, Houston is one of the teams that you should definitely keep an eye on.

Keep your eyes peeled for any updates from Houston as they look to put together an impressive showing come March Madness 2023!


Another team that has been dominating the headlines due to their impressive regular season success is Alabama.

The Crimson Tide have been a force to be reckoned with all year, featuring an elite defensive scheme complemented by top-tier forwards and deadly shooters alike. With the leading scorer in college basketball, Jahvon Quinerly, at the helm of this squad, it's no surprise that they have some of the best +800 odds for winning March Madness 2023.

Alabama looks poised to make a long run come tournament time and could certainly be one of the teams you should consider throwing your money on as we get closer to crowning a champion this season!

Be sure to keep up with Alabama throughout March Madness as they look to make history this


Finally, the last team we'll take a look at is Kansas. An experienced roster with a multitude of offensive threats and a lockdown defense makes this team one of the favorites amongst basketball fans and bettors alike.

Led by head coach Bill Self, who has been in charge since 2003 and won two NCAA titles since then, it's no wonder why Kansas has some of the best +1200 betting odds for winning March Madness 2023.

Kansas looks to be on its way to another deep run in the tournament come March, so make sure you keep up with any news they release as they look to make history yet again!


These teams are just a few of the ones who have been tabbed as favorites to win March Madness 2023. With so many other contenders in the mix, it's sure to be an exciting tournament this season! Be sure to keep up with all the latest news and updates regarding each team as we get closer to crowning a champion this year.