Video: Kendrick Perkins responds to LeBron James saying Boston fans are "racist as f#ck"

Kendrick Perkins had a chance to react to LeBron James anti Boston fans comments that we reported on last week this week on First Take. Perkins reiterated that in his eight years in Boston he never experienced racism. Perkins also pointed out that there is racism everywhere and Boston is now made up of many diverse cultures.

Perkins did point out that he believes that Boston fans cross the line with some of their disrespect. While I don't think that is unique to Boston, I would agree that you can get on the rival teams' players without being a complete jackass. Taunts with profanity in them are lazy in my opinion, unnecessary, and make fans look bad.

Also signs or t-shirts that are ridiculously crude like the one that Perkins subtly referenced (the Delonte West and Gloria James rumor) or "FCK LBJ" to use the one that LeBron referenced shouldn't be displayed at the TD Garden again in my opinion. It's just lowest common denominator stuff. Chanting "STEROIDS" at Jose Canseco was a creative chant by Boston fans. Or simply "DARYL."

Anyway, this topic shouldn't even be being discussed now, but LeBron James decided to conflate fans being mean to fans being racist. He had previously stated he never has witnessed racism in Boston and then to now flip the script sounds like someone who just wanted to take a shot at Boston fans. Bringing up examples of a "FCK LBJ" shirt or a spilled beer from 10 years ago was weak.