LeBron James says he hates Boston fans because they "racist as f#ck"; Celtics fans react

Well here we go again. A year after Kyrie Irving made national headlines for calling Boston fans racist, LeBron James has attacked Celtics fans as well. His comments above are from his most recent episode of his HBO show "The Shop."

The "FCK LBJ" shirt he is referring too was actually created by one of our longtime vendors, but we chose not to sell it in our online store, because personally I think shirts with profanity are lazy and beneath who we should be. The shirt definitely wasn't sold by the Celtics. It was sold outside the TD Garden.

A fan throwing a drink on LeBron James ten years ago makes that fan a jerk, but unless there is more to that incident it doesn't automatically equate as racist. Also it's unfair to paint a whole city as racist due to the words or actions of a few idiots.

Now I'm not saying it's impossible that LeBron James heard some racist heckling. But I can rather confidently say that fans who witnessed such racist heckling would be more likely to tell the culprit to shut up and to get security than to join in.

The idea that the TD Garden is full of fans chanting racist things is off. We really need multiple specific instances from LeBron James at this point.

James is a part owner of the Fenway Group, so thus he ironically is a part owner of the Boston Red Sox. Prior to LeBron bringing up a beer throwing incident from ten years ago as an example of Boston fans being "racist as f#ck" he was quoted in 2017 as saying he had never been a target of racism in Boston.

Boston fans unsurprisingly are not happy about LeBron's comments.