Video: Grant Williams says the Warriors weren't the "better" team, but the "more disciplined" one

Grant Williams was Duncan Robinson's guest this week on his "The Long Shot" podcast and said he can say confidently that the Boston Celtics were the more talented team, but that the Golden State Warriors won the series because they were more disciplined.

Williams brings up specifically how much the Warriors celebrated after winning Game 4, because that looked like it was going to be the Celtics' third win of the series. If I had to say the two things that turned this series around for the Celtics negatively it would be the refs not giving Draymond Green that 2nd technical (to keep him in the game) in Game 2 and then the Celtics not closing the Warriors out in Game 4.

If Boston wins the first 2 games of the series in Golden State, they were winning this series. Same goes if they go up 3 games to 1. It's a pity that they got over confident, considering anyone that knows basketball could have warned them not to get that way after going up 2 games to 1. And I'm sure Ime Udoka also warned his players several times.

Scroll down for the full interview where Grant Williams talks about his improved production this past season, peaking with his play against Giannis and the Bucks, and trash talking with Draymond among other topics.