Remembering Len Bias on the anniversary of his passing

Len Bias tragically passed away on this date in 1986, just two days after being drafted by the Boston Celtics. One of the original Celtics Life writers, tb727, did an amazing tribute to Bias in 2016 with an article every day for thirty days.

Here is the full collection of posts:

Day 1- The Mix
Day 2- Red
Day 3- The Draft
Day 4- The Grave
Day 5- Len Bias shines at the 5 Star camp & meets his equal, Michael Jordan
Day 6- How good would Len Bias have been? 
Day 7- The Fans
Day 8- The Shadow of Len Bias
Day 9- The Son
Day 10- The Greatest Team of All Time Sounds Off
Day 11- The Replacement
Day 12- The Press Conference
Day 13- A Best Friend Sadly Remembers
Day 14- The Conspiracy
Day 15- Odd Job
Day 16- A Design All His Own
Day 17- Escalated Spending
Day 18- The Cars
Day 19- "Wake Up, You Mash-Heads!"
Day 20- Was Jack McMahon prescient or lucky?
Day 21- The curious case of Derrick Lewis
Day 22- That time Len Bias played Reggie Lewis
Day 23- The Song
Day 24- The Nicknames
Day 25- Washington Hall, Room 1103
Day 26- Premonitions & Visions
Day 27- The Hall of Fame quotes
Day 28- Ebony the dog
Day 29- The Fall Guy
Day 30- The Jersey
The 30 years since Len Bias died & the impact it's had on the Celtics