Afternoon Delight: Nets to add 4 additional DJ's to help mask embarrassing lack of playoff crowd noise

Going into last year's playoffs, the Brooklyn Nets were the favorites to win the title. They had one of the top 3 players in the NBA in Kevin Durant leading them, and since it was still the honeymoon stage of the James Harden experience being his first season with his new team, they had an ideal #2 guy. Plus they had Kyrie Irving who while he had proven he couldn't lead a rec team to a registration table, let alone an NBA team to winning, was still a very talented complimentary piece.

The Nets got bounced in the second round, mainly due to injuries. But from Game 1 in Round 1, I don't think I have ever seen such a quiet home crowd. And I'm including 1st quarter Lakers's crowds before their fans arrive and 4th quarter Heat fans after their fans have left. It was chirp city. So they hired a DJ in the crowd.

Yes you read that right. They had a DJ in their crowd during playoff games, just so viewers at home didn't mistake their games for 2020 NBA Bubble games... minus the pumped in crowd noise.

It didn't work very well at all as one might imagine. Celtics Life's crack investigative reporter Rondo Burgundy has learned that Nets ownership considered flying in all their annoying smack talking social media fans, that have been Nets fans dating all the way back to when they signed Kevin Durant.

They determined it was more cost effective to add four additional DJ's to the crowd instead. So in place of real basketball fans like you see in cities like Boston, you will have a full house of fans sitting on their hands while drinking their lattes and hipster craft beers, AND... 5 DJ's pretending they are working a club.

Congrats to the 5 DJ's getting the work. That's awesome to see. And Brooklyn and New York DJ's keep your head to the ground, because Rondo Burgundy hears that if it is still too quiet after Game 3, they may bump it up to 10 DJ's.

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