Video: Danny Ainge checks in to talk current state of the Celtics and what's next for him

Chris Forsberg was able to get an interview with former long time Head of Basketball Operation Danny Ainge to hear his thoughts on the current team. Keep in mind this interview took place prior to the Celtics' loss to a Clippers team playing without Paul George and Kawhi Leonard and followed by a loss top the Suns minus Devin Booker and Deandre Ayton.

Sounds like Danny Ainge is looking more for a Jerry West veteran front office role with power to get things done, without having to do the general manager job full time. I don't blame him, but that's not an easy role to find.

Since the majority of the Celtics roster are Ainge draftees and Brad Stevens was his hire you shouldn't expect Danny to suddenly speak to open about this team. He still sounded like he was affiliated with the team in this interview. Eventually I'm guessing he will one day write a more open tell all book and it will be glorious.