Recent sports news to know

Watching sports will prove to be fun and exciting. As a fan of sports, you likely enjoy sitting around and watching the competition with your friends and family members. If you’re a fan of sports, you should pay close attention to the latest sports news. Doing so can help you determine which teams are going to win and which will lose. Furthermore, you’ll want to keep up with your favorite basketball and football players. Below, readers will learn more about the biggest sports news from around the world.
COVID Strikes

Sports leagues have been hit hard by the recent Covid-19 explosion. Due to the ongoing influx of cases, sports leagues have delayed games. Several leagues have been impacted including the NHL, NBA, and NFL. Unfortunately, these leagues will have to reschedule the games and find ways to overcome the ongoing problem. The National Hockey League has implemented stricter protocols to combat COVID-19. The protocols will remain in place until January 7 at the minimum. The league announced the decision after a meeting with doctors, the league, and the Player’s Association. The new protocols are nearly identical to those from last season with players being tested daily.

Furthermore, team personnel will have to wear face masks during meetings and facility visits. All meetings will be virtual. Furthermore, the league has encouraged players to get a booster shot. Many players have already done so. As for the Calgary Flames, the team’s season has been halted until December 18 after its head coach and 16 members were placed on the COVID-19 list. Meanwhile, the NBA has experienced a COVID-19 resurgence as well. Just recently, it was announced that four Knicks players and three Lakers players have been added to the COVID-19 protocols list. Other teams are worried about potential outbreaks too. Most major sports leagues are dealing with ongoing COVID-19 outbreaks that could delay or cancel upcoming games.

Lia Thomas Dominates In The Pool

In recent months, Lia Thomas has become a household name for her ability to dominate in the swimming pool. The UPenn swimmer has also caused controversy for being a transgender swimmer competing with female swimmers. Outraged parents wrote an angry letter to the NCAA in hopes of convincing the organization to implement changes. Since the season starts, Thomas has dominated the 500-yard freestyle and won at the Zippy Invitational this month. Along the way, she broke numerous records. While Thomas spent the last three years competing on the men’s team, she only obtained success when joining the women’s league.

The Daily Mail confirmed that the parents of roughly ten swimmers sent the letter to the NCAA. The parents sent the letter on December 5 although the NCAA has refused to respond. Betting on Lia Thomas would be ideal since she is likely going to continue dominating the field. สล็อตค่ายไหนแตกง่าย. Be sure to find out before risking it all.

Jaguars Remove Urban Meyers

Urban Meyers was the head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars for 13 days. Now, the team is searching for a new head coach after owner Shad Khan fired Meyers early Thursday morning. The decision was made after allegations from Jaguars kicker Josh Lambo that Meyer had kicked him during practice. It didn’t help that the team currently has a record of 2 wins and 11 losses. Meyers was hanging on by a thread after numerous controversies. For instance, many did not appreciate his attitude when dealing with the media. Furthermore, he regularly berated coaches. Finally, he was caught flirting with a woman at a bar despite being married to another woman. While it isn’t surprising, it will shake up the league. Many current NFL players praised the decision. Jalen Ramsey blessed God while Michael Thomas suggested Urban would bounce back.

Freak show NBA Vs NFL Boxing Incoming

Finally, fans should know that boxing is going to have a freakshow bout this weekend. Former NBA All-Star, Deron Williams, will put on his gloves and step into the ring against former NFL player Frank Gore. The freak show bout will take place on the undercard of the next Jake Paul bout. As for the headliner, Paul will face Tyron Woodley in a rematch. There is a good chance that hardcore boxing fans will ignore the card since it doesn’t have any real star power and the price of the pay-per-view is too higher.