Video: Dallas Mavericks 107, Boston Celtics 104

The Celtics did a lot of things right and it was looking like this was gong to be an impressive come from behind win for the Celtics... and then the end of the game and Luke Doncic happened.

Jayson Tatum broke out of his shooting slump hitting 12 of 19 shots (6 of 8 3pa) on his way to a 32 point, 11 rebound night, but Luke bested him at the buzzer with a classic Doncic buzzer beater. It should be noted that the only reason that Doncic had another opportunity to beat the Celtics at the buzzer was because of bone headed Marcus Smart foul.

Smart giveth and he taketh away. The point guard hit a huge 3 to give the Celtics the lead, but then put up a horrible shot the final Celtics possession as he attempted to draw free throws. And then with a tie game and 6 seconds separating the Mavs shot clock and the game clock, he decided to use a foul to give on Doncic at mid court.

Doncic and the Mavs got an additional 6 seconds and the Celtics lost out on their opportunity to counter the Mavs. It really was a pity how things ended, because the Celtics played some great defense and team ball to battle back. The 4th quarter line-up of Smart, Schroder, Richardson, Tatum, and Time Lord was particularly stifling on defense.

All in all the three game road trip was a success, or at least a dramatic improvement of the team's 2-5 start, but tonight stung.

The Celtics' record now stands at 4-6 and they'll have to wait until next Wednesday for their next game. They'll host the Raptors and look to get back on a winning track. I expect Jaylen Brown will be back for that game.