Ime Udoka: "There was no strategy; It was not supposed to be a foul"

Boston Celtics head coach immediately gave us the answer to the question that was on everyone's mind. Did you tell the team to take a foul there or did Marcus mess up? Udoka tried to take some blame in his post game presser (video above), but he let it be known that he told the team not to foul. So in a way he's trying to cover for Marcus, while also throwing him under the bus a bit.

In reality this is not something Udoka could just pretend was on him. A player making a bone headed decision is bad enough. If a coach actually called for it, it would be much, much worse.

The whole situation was a giant shame because the Celtics almost walked away with a fantastic come from behind thriller. It should be noted that even if Smart didn't foul Doncic, that wouldn't have guaranteed a Celtics win or anything. The Mavs still would have had the possession and Boston still would have needed to get a rebound, hit their own buzzer beater, or win in overtime.