Marcus Smart says Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown need to pass more

People wanted a Celtics team that acted pissed when they lost and a coach that called out the players. BNe careful what you wish for. Udoka has called out the team and the stars, and now starting point guard Marcus Smart says the Celtics two young stars need to pass more.

Jaylen Brown has been rather efficient from the floor most games this season. Jayson Tatum hasn't and has forced things from time to time. Then again that's what a lot of stars do.

While what Smart is saying isn't wrong per se, I'm not sure this new Celtics way of airing dirty laundry will be the key to success and winning. I never understood the need from some fans for Brad Stevens to yell and try and embarrass his players off the court.

I thought Brad's approach was ideal and turning on players would only make things worse. Seemed like the team possibly needed a shake up with their core four. They did trade Kemba Walker, but then gave Smart a contract extension to be the team's lead guard.

Not sure the Smart, Jaylen, Tatum threesome works. And yes I know everyone will say they are all brothers and get along great, but results mean some thing. Right now the results are a 2-5 record.

UPDATE: Full quote is more benign