Jaylen Brown “Transition”-ing into Indispensable?

Through Sunday’s play, Jaylen Brown ranks No. 11 in the league with 3.8 “Fast Break” points per game.

For the eight games in which Brown has participated, his team scored 91 FB points, shooting 35-for-65 (.538) generating 8.1 FGA’s and 11.4 points per game “on the run.”

But in their other five tip-offs, the I-men in Green attempt only 5.2 FGA’s and score just 7.4 points per game in “acknowledged” Fast Break play. [The FG% does improve to .577.]

Now, the opposition has outscored the Celtics with JB by just under one FB point per game (12.3-11.4), but that deficit triples (10.2-7.4) without No. 7.

Through these first 13 games, the Celts have rung up 128 FB points (9.8 ppg) with a .549 FG% -- the “bad guys” have 149 FB points (11.5 ppg) with a .526 FG%.

This, by the way, is NOT a new wrinkle to young Mr. Brown’s game, as evidenced by last season's ultimate data..

Abacus Request for the Road

I need a "Little Help!" -- as we used to say in the gym when a ball got away.

Is there anyone out there who can provide me with and/or lead this old English teacher to an official “definition” for a Fast Break – particularly as it pertains to the NBA?

Google has not been my friend.