Past Forward: The Chief Stabilizer

The return of Al Horford is the re-introduction of a beloved and familiar veteran presence which the young Celtics need.  A dependable big who anchors the D, facilitates the O, and hits the clutch 3, Big Al's game mirrors that of legendary Celtics big, The Chief Robert Parish.  

Parish's fellow legendary frontcourtmate Kevin McHale said of Parish, "He was there for every practice, for every game. He very seldom missed anything, including assignments on the floor. His longevity is unbelievable, but his dependability was just as impressive."  Another teammate and fellow HOFer Bill Walton, added: "There was no showmanship to Robert's game.  There was the rebounding. There was the defense. There was the scoring. There was the setting of screens. There was the way he ran the floor. How many centers in today's NBA do any of that?" 

Like a Past hero coming Forward, Horford does all that.  He's this generation's Chief, the Chief who will man the middle and stabilize the young C's.  And maybe teach them a thing or two about how to properly flinch at free throws.