Boston Celtics offseason moves


The Celtics have a chance to win the NBA Finals in 2022. With Jaylen Brown, Kemba Walker, Marcus Smart, and other professionals, winning the finals is highly possible. Combining the tactics of Ime Udoka with the players’ skills may result in reasonable outcomes. Udoka seems to have plans for higher Boston Celtics odds to win the NBA Finals during the offseason.

The Celtics have a last-second half-court long shot chance, but it remains an opportunity for the team. Here are some things that need to occur in the offseason to increase the team’s chances.

Signing Major Players

Udoka and the entire team need to stop tinkering and sign significant players for better NBA title odds in the offseason. Some players also didn’t get the qualifying offer in free agency, leaving only a few solid players. Here’s a comprehensive look into Celtic’s current players that didn’t get the qualifying offer:

  • Tremont Waters – Waters didn’t get the qualifying offer from the Celtics after two seasons. For this reason, the point guard will be searching for a new opportunity in the NBA or overseas. However, the player’s best hope is the two-way contract slots Boston may have in the upcoming season under Udoka.

  • Tacko Fall – There’s a chance that Tacko Fall will be back to actively playing for the Celtics. Currently, he doesn't stand a chance to play Summer League with the team. The NBA center may need to find a two-way deal elsewhere in the NBA.

  • Luke Kornet – Luke remains an unrestricted free agent with a low chance of returning to Boston next season. Kornet may perform better in a team needing a center to round out their game rotation in the NBA.

Significant Signees to Boston Celtics

In the squad, only a few solid players are remaining as free agents. Some of these players include D. Schroder, E. Kanter, and J. Parker. Here are some of the significant recent signees to the Boston Celtics as free agents:

  • E. Kanter – Twenty-nine-year-old Enes recently agreed on a one-year contract with the Celtics. It appears he had a good 2019-20 season in the team. The NBA Center plans to return to the basketball team after spending the last season with Portland Trail Blazers. Kanter may be a front court role player behind professionals like Horford and Williams. 

  • D. Schroder – This 28-year-old German point guard spent his 2020-21 season with the L.A Lakers. Boston successfully signed the player for this season on a one-year contract worth $5.9 million. Boston’s primary reason for signing Schroder was due to the loss of starting point guard Kemba Walker.

  • J. Parker – Jabari recently got a two-year deal with the Celtics. He spent his previous season with the Sacramento Kings before the change in events on March 25, 2021. During his debut for Boston, he scored 11 points in 16 minutes on 5-6 shooting. In the Celtics' first-round loss to the Nets, the power forward averaged 8.5 points within 14.8 minutes per game.

Marcus Smart Extension’s Effects on Signing Players

Celtic’s president for basketball operation, Brad Stevens, agreed to a four-year extension with Marcus Smart. This move from the team rewards Smart as the longest-tenured Celtic. Most fans ask questions like, “What does Smart’s extension mean for Boston’s free agency plans for the 2022 season?”

One of the significant effects of the extension on the Celtics is that there will be no max cap room in 2022. Initially, the team operated the offseason with a possibility to open up max cap space in free agency. With Marcus Smart’s extension, Boston doesn’t have that max cap flexibility. Celtic’s deal with Marcus will make the team lose a significant amount of cap room.

Finding 2 - 3 Off the Bench Impact Players

The Boston Celtics need to find two to three off the bench impact players in the Summer League. The current starting 5 in the team won’t cut it among other squads in the NBA rankings. Boston needs a team of players that will gel and play lots of minutes this year.

Here are some of the top players Boston may consider:

  • Terry Rozier

  • Jayson Tatum 

  • Jaylen Brown

  • Marcus Smart

Celtic Winning NBA Finals in 2022

There’s a chance Boston wins the Finals if the team signs major athletes and gets off the bench impact players. The wrong offseason moves will affect the Boston Celtics odds and the team. Fans can only expect head coach Udoka and president Brad Stevens to make the right decisions.