Video: Jaylen Brown returns from wrist surgery hitting 3's in Hell

Well there you are Jaylen! Haven't seen much from the young All-Star since his season ended prematurely due to a wrist injury. He received accolades for calling out Kyrie Irving for using racism as a "crutch" in the former Celtic's beef with Boston, the Celtics, and their fans. More recently he was seen hanging out with former president Barack Obama.

Last night Jaylen Brown was back on the court and somehow made the 3-pointer in the video above (college 3-pointer, but whatever). As we noted when it was announced that Brown was having surgery, there's no need to fear as long of a recovery time as teammate Romeo Langford had with his own wrist surgery.

Romeo's was on his right wrist (so shooting hand). Jaylen's surgery was on his left. Expect Jaylen to be all set to go when training camp opens. The Celtics might take it easy with Jaylen in the very beginning, but he should be all good to go by opening night.