Tell Kevin Garnett & Paul Pierce that the Celtics logo doesn't mean anything

When that idiot fan through a water bottle at Kyrie Irving he proceeded to let Kyrie off the hook for disrespecting the Celtics logo in too many people's minds. Personally I think people need to stop discussing the water bottle throwing and logo stomping incidents together. The water bottle thing was idiotic and the guy is now facing 10 years in jail in addition to being banned from the TD Garden for life. It's been dealt with.

The logo stuff is something that Celtics players and fans should be pissed at. People need to stop being so obtuse and not being able to judge both incidents separately. Trust me the water bottle incident is all over the news. No one needs to bring that up for fear that it has been swept under the rug or anything.

Reality is who knows if the knucklehead who threw the water bottle even saw Kyrie stomping on the logo.

One thing that is for sure is that Celtics players of the past felt disrespected by Kyrie's actions. And NONE of them are excusing the separate actions of the 21 year old fan. Don't get that twisted. They are separate incidents. The idiot fan's actions didn't magically erase Kyrie's.

The fan also put the current Celtics in an awkward position. It's hard for them to say anything about the petty Kyrie stomping incident, because then some media will twist it like they care about the water bottle incident. Or worse that they don't care about racism. The Celtics players unlike Kyrie and Durant do just want to keep the series about basketball.

Still would like to see one brave current player say something along the lines of "No one had thrown shit at Kyrie when he decided to disrespect our logo and not keep this about basketball. We've not said a bad word about him since he quit on us and then bounced two years ago. If he wants to disrespect us, well then his ass should be prepared for a rude awakening on Tuesday."