Inside The NBA crew pays tribute to Mark Eaton

It's so sad to keep hearing about the passing of great men in the NBA family. The Celtics were hit with the double blow of the losses of Tommy Heinsohn and K.C. Jones right before this season. But listening and reading all the stories about how great a person Mark Eaton was at least gives some solace (for lack of a better word).

Like I always knew Tommy was a great man, in addition to his Celtics connection, but when he passed I was able to learn even more. And K.C. always seemed so classy and distinguished to me, but I never really knew what a great man he was until after his passing.

Mark Eaton really seems to have been a "gentle giant." I just knew him as the intimidating force in the middle for the early years of the Stockton/Malone era, but reading all the tweets about him and then listening to the Inside the NBA crew (especially Barkley) talk about him it shows his great character. Rest In Peace Mark.