Video: Lucky Rooks Episode 3

Here's Episode 3 of the Boston Celtics' series "Lucky Rooks." It's titled, "Aaron Nesmith's Energy and Effort Earn Him A Role," but the rookie now has added competition in the rotation with the recently acquired Evan Fournier and the long awaited return of Romeo Langford. Nesmith seems to be out of the rotation again with the Celtics getting healthy and those two mentioned additions. He only played 4 and a half garbage time minutes last night in L.A. and that was part of the the Celtics group that almost blew a late game 27 point lead, which is unheard of.

For his part Nesmith was a -17, but so were Semi and Tremont. And Carsen and Mo were -18 and -20 respectively, so it was a joint effort of ineptitude. But Aaron Nesmith was the 14th overall pick in this past draft and all those guys are just 2nd rounders or in Wagner's case a small contract the Celtics had to take back while dumping their own contract. Nesmith did not have a summer league or a real training camp, so it would be grossly unfair to just dismiss him as a Yabu bust at this juncture. Let's save our judgments for a year.

In the meantime Nesmith will likely be limited to very few minutes, unless the Celtics accumulate a few injuries (which trust me is always a possibility). He needs to be ready if his name is called due to that. Rotations tend to shorten in the playoffs, so keep that in mind as well.