Green Envy: What Lakers Fans said 04/15

Sorry we're late today but don't look now, the Boston Celtics are on a ROLL! This game was like a palate cleanser for us fans. This season has been a tossup on if we would beat teams we should. We (read: Jaylen Brown) threw knockout punch after knockout punch that actually landed and though it got a little hairy at the end there with the bench units, we pulled out a great win against our forever rivals the Lakers. Though the Lakers were missing almost half their team, including their top 4, Jaylen was still amazing. Even making H I S T O R Y for the Celtics on the strength of the highest efficiency 40 point game. Laker fans usually never hold back, let's hear what they have to say today!

Christening this thread with the obligatory Fuck the Celtics

srry flippers but u ain't gonna get what u deserve tonight cuz someone else is more deserved >>>FUCK CELCTICS<<<

This team needs like a two week break.

Good loss

People in Vegas shook right now

FUCK THE CELTICS (Definitely saw this one coming) 

THT still dribbling in circles trying to find an open shot for himself

Wish there was a second all star break or something because right now this team is like the walking wounded

The ending to this game had me hyped as fuck lol. Great job by the guys at the end there. I also love that we're finally taking care of the ball.
FUCK THE CELTICS (There's a lot of this going around)

Hated it, still do, but not terrible. Fuck the Celtics!

When it was an even fight our South Bay Lakers were giving them the business

Unreal game from Brown... Schroeder’s not worth 20m+ year

This Celtics team is nothing if the lakers are healthy (Familiar takes tbh) 

I expected us to lose by 20+. Good effort. 

Lmao Celtics are second round exit at best
    -Lmao you’re a moron

Kuz with another masterful -20 on 30%

Kuzma 5-14 i feel like somethings up with him especially these airballs
    -Kuz has always been a shooter, just not a very good one.

:( (We're glad it's not us with the sad face because of injury anymore) 

Secret weapon bench squad activated 

“Lakers will beat Utah Jazz two games in a row” -most of r/Lakers 

Our annual beatdown at Staples by the Celtics. Nothing new.

You know we should’ve won that game once kostas scored

THT plays with blinders on.

When's the last time someone dropped 40 on us? (I hope it's the Jayson Tatum 41 piece from last season but I have no way of verifying) 

Yeah, professional basketball players should only put in effort against our stars!

“Hey everybody, look at this LOSER doing his best regardless of the opponent!”

This is still an L for the Celtics lmao (Just not in any way it actually counts) 

Man that was fun. Fkn Jaylen (I can allow this)

The Celtics are so fucking trash lol

Kornet terrible with bulls. Block machine with Celtics (Miss you Theis!)

LeBron trying to snatch Gasols jersey to jump in lol

Celtics fans should be embarrassed (Why? We know our team.) 

This mf Brown cannot miss

Never seen a player not miss like this

Don’t care if we lose, fuck the Celtics. Hilarious shit

Remember when homers here said Kuzma > Tatum?

Two starting guards on a championship team have 2 points combined.

Gasol getting hurt off an errant Schroeder pass would be the perfect summation of this season

Lol people don’t realize we can legit be the 7th seed by next week. I’m not trying to be in a play in game (We actually feel your pain here, bud)

Who is this white Mutombo?

Staples center needs to be considered a home court disadvantage at this point, all I ever see is opposing teams come in and torch us with the best games of their careers, like it's actually insane how often that happens (Ring a bell Celtics fans?)

It will never be a good day when we lost to the celtics

Imagine paying 200 to watch this shit from the nosebleeds lmao

Why is it kuz shrinks against guys his age ?. It’s like he has something to prove and shrinks in the moment.

Wes Matthews you make me sad.

"fuck off frank" -marc

Just let Ben shoot 20 threes from here on out

"its not a shooting foul because this is your 2nd year in the league" - nba refs, probably

Oh god not Reggie Miller. Please spare us tnt

NGL this 8 mile kid can play

Is that blonde headed guy a rookie?

Kuzma has 1 more made shot than everyone in this subreddit combined LMAO

I can't wait for these Celtics to lose in the second round

Kuz gotta dye his hair back

All that bleach seeped into his fuckin brain

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