Video: Can Yam Madar make the jump to the NBA & Celtics rotation next season?

Being an independent Boston Celtics blog since 2009, Celtics Life has always prided itself in giving young talent a spotlight to showcase their talents, whether writing, artistically though wallpapers, t-shirt designs, or video mixes. Came across this in depth video breakdown of Celtics 2020 draftee Yam Madar's growth this season by KZN, and figured you might enjoy it as well.

So my question is can the 20 year old Yam Madar make the jump to not only the NBA next season, but into the Celtics rotation? Tony Parker made the jump from overseas and started 72 of the 77 games he played in as a 19 year old rookie (Turned 20 two months in). Now Parker was a late 1st rounder (Should have been a Celtic. He even was told he'd be a Celtic), while Madar was drafted in the 2nd round. But part of the reason Madar was drafted late was because he was under contract overseas.

Now let's get one thing out of the way. No one is saying Madar will be Parker, so hold your horses and your carriages. Just saying it's not out of the realm of possibility for an international player to come to the NBA at a young age and make a strong impact. There have been several foreign born players that were drafted late in the 1st or 2nd and excelled in the NBA. MVP contender Nikola Jokic was drafted in the mid 2nd round to bring up a recent example.

You don't know Danny if you think Ainge won't attempt to trade Kemba Walker this offseason. His main intention would be to unload the remaining max years on Walker's contract. If Kemba made $10 million a year he wouldn't be going anywhere. So if Ainge finds a taker, what becomes of the Celtics point guard position. Does Marcus Smart start there? Will Smart even be around himself as he looks to sign his own new deal? Will Payton Pritchard get a shot? Will Ainge get a cheaper point guard back in a Walker trade? Will he spend money on a Lonzo Ball? What about a veteran stop gap starter in Ricky Rubio?

At the end of the day good young players make their way on an NBA court. Pritchard beat out Teague eventually in the pecking order this season. Romeo and Grant Williams played as rookies. Shoot, Brad Stevens has played most of his rookies. Marcus Smart got big minutes, then Rozier, then Jaylen, then Tatum and so on. The ones who don't get minutes tend to the guys who can't play. Most of them amount to nothing in their future spots. Think James Young or Yabu.

So from what you've seem, does Madar look like a kid that not only might join the Celtics next season, but could also end up with a significant role? The other side of the coin is sometimes these draft stashes become nothing. But I liked the Madar pick on draft night and have to admit what I've seen of him the past few months has only gotten me more excited for his potential Celtics tenure.