Nets dismantle Theis' Celtics

Convinced, but has no chance. Blake Griffin has to be patient. After another gala by Kyrie Irving, the Brooklyn Nets set the next scent mark in the NBA with a 121: 109 against the Boston Celtics around German national player Daniel Theis. Nets are on their way to becoming a superpower.

In a duel with his previous franchise, the star player of the NBA achieved 40 points, five of which were the best scorer. Remarkable: In view of his performance towards the end of the game, Irving was even given MVP calls from the few fans in the Barclays Center.

Theis was also completely convincing (17 points, 8 rebounds, 2 steals), but could not save his team from the end of a series. After four wins before the All-Star break in the first match, Boston had to draw the short straw again immediately afterwards.

Fans of the Celtics were able to bet online on the game outcome, before and during the game. Many of them profited from a bonus code available for US players, to raise their chances of winning, but the odds were against the team this time.

Brooklyn Nets defeat the Celtics thanks to Irving

"You have to give Brooklyn credit for the way they play. Kyrie and James Harden get a lot of attention, but they find their throws. It's hard to defend them," concluded Theis afterwards. "We need to be more vigilant defensively."

Again without the injured Kevin Durant and Blake Griffin, who was spared and has to be patient on his debut, the high-flyer team only left the top opponent in the east within striking distance until half-time (58:55), then Brooklyn always turned more on.

In addition to Irving, James Harden (22 points, 10 rebounds, 8 assists), who narrowly missed his fourth triple-double, in the first two quarters, in which the Celtics now managed to break away with 11 points, was also decisive 6 turnover.

At the Celtics, where Marcus Smart had to pause for 18 games due to an injury break and has now returned, now as a bank player for 19 points within 21 minutes, Jayson Tatum (31) became the top point collector. Jaylen Brown (13), on the other hand, fell completely short of his own claims and expectations.

The Nets remain in second place in the Eastern Conference, as the Philadelphia 76ers also won their duel with the Chicago Bulls (127: 105). The Celtics are still in fourth place.

The German national basketball players Maximilian Kleber and Daniel Theis have lost in the North American professional league NBA. Kleber had to accept a setback for his play-off hopes with the Dallas Mavericks at Oklahoma City Thunder with 108: 116, while Theis and the Boston Celtics lost at the Brooklyn Nets with 109: 121.

Theis and the Celtics are meanwhile in the east, despite fourth place, with their competitors getting closer to their necks. Theis, who, with 17 points, had the second-best result for the record champions behind Jayson Tatum (31 points), was clearly in the shadow of Nets star Kyrie Irving with his colleagues. The 28-year-old turned it up again against his ex-team and scored 40 points alone. Brooklyn exceeded the 120-point mark for the 23rd time this season and consolidated its place in the top group.