Celtics attempt to disguise themselves in 1980's Bucks unis, but lose again to fall below .500

Another game (against a team not named the Rockets starting a G-League team) another loss. You know the drill. Celtics fell behind big to a team they should beat, made a valiant comeback, but in the end fell short. Final: Kings 107-96.

Asking this tongue in cheek since I'm not a fan of booing (unless someone is obviously giving no effort like not running out a grounder), but when fans re-enter the TD Garden next week, do they come in booing or wait til the 15 pt 1st quarter deficit? Players might be thankful for masks in the coming weeks.

Sorry, but I'm not going to add which Celtics scored a lot tonight "in a losing cause." Come back shortly and I'll add the box score. The main point is the team as a whole shite the bed... again.