Jayson Tatum has been dealing with breathing issues post COVID

Many people have experienced effects of the COVID-19 virus even after their bout. Jayson Tatum revealed today to some degree he is one of them. When you're talking the elite level of play that NBA players play at the slightest variance in your physical condition will have an effect.

Tatum's breathing issues could very well explain his subpar play since returning to the court. And while it hasn't all been on him, typically when your best player is struggling than your team struggles. First things first we hope that this after effect of COVID passes from Jayson, and for that matter everyone else. The catch phrase on Sunday from the Boston media was "rock bottom." But if you really want to talk about rock bottom it wouldn't be losing a couple regular season games. That happens all the time. A lasting effect of a virus that hurts your franchise player moving forward? That would be more in line with "rock bottom."

The hope is that due to Tatum's age he will be able to clear from his body what is causing the breathing issues. And I may be wrong, but I haven't heard of many NBA players dealing with this post COVID, so that should be a good sign for Tatum. Jayson will continue to play through this starting tonight vs the Nuggets.