Do you agree with the take that the Hornets won the Kemba Walker for Terry Rozier swap?

Terry Rozier put up very good numbers last year during his first season in Charlotte, but it went very much unnoticed, since Kemba Walker had a solid start to his Celtics tenure. I suggested Rozier and a pick as a possible sign-and-trade return after the whole Pacers fiasco and it was known that Hayward was going to Charlotte. The Hornets were looking unsuccessfully for a home for the final season on Nicolas Batum's contract and if they didn't find one they'd have to waive and stretch him (which means he will remain on the books for future seasons). Was there an opportunity to solve Charlotte's financial pickle while also allowing the Celtics to get a good talent back to replace the large void Hayward would leave?

I know most reactions I received were "hell no," though there were some positive responses sprinkled in. In the end the Hornets didn't find a taker for Batum and they waived and stretched him. Since Charlotte then didn't need Boston's help to sign Hayward, Ainge then had to kick in two second round picks to get a TPE. While Hayward is playing like the player the Celtics signed prior to his horrific injury, Rozier is having quite a year for himself as well.

I came across the above video that has the take that the Hornets actually won the Walker for Rozier swap. When it happened the majority of Celtics fans and media said the Hornets were fools to just let Kemba Walker go and that Jordan was an idiot for paying Rozier that much. But a year a half later we have a different story. While Walker is not as poor of a basketball player as he's been this season, do you still think Boston won that deal (Also worth noting Kemba is owed $34,379,100 this seaosn and $36,016,200 and $37,653,300 for the following two respectively)? Related to that, shouldn't Ainge have either traded Rozier prior to free agency or paid to retain him? Reality is once Kyrie and Horford decided to leave, Ainge couldn't keep Baynes, Rozier, or Morris if he wanted the cap space to give Walker the max.

Charlotte and Boston ended up turning the Walker signing by Boston and the Rozier signing by Charlotte into a sign-and-trade after the fact. This often happens once a player has committed to his new team. You saw that this offseason with Hayward. I suppose the difference is Jordan didn't make Danny kick in a couple 2nds for the solid. It should be noted that Rozier's contract pays him approximately half as much as Walker per year. Additionally Rozier's was for one less year.

You'll hear a similar argument from a good amount of people that you hear to discount Hayward's success this season with Rozier. The thought is that Hayward wouldn't have put up those numbers as a 4th option in Boston. Well maybe he should have been the 3rd then. And that Rozier wouldn't develop as much in Boston. But without Kyrie there would have been plenty of minutes available for him.

  • So what's your opinion? Who made out better with the changing of the guards, Boston or Charlotte?

    Terry Rozier (signed 3yr/$58 million contract summer of 2019 with Charlotte):


    Kemba Walker (signed 4 yr/$140,790,600 million contract summer of 2019 with Boston):


    Gordon Hayward (signed 4 yr/$120 million contract this offseason with Charlotte):