Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck backs Danny Ainge and Brad Stevens, talks Kyrie walking

If you were looking for Celtics owner (or "Governor" as the people who own NBA franchises are now technically called) Wyc Grousbeck to bash his general manager Danny Ainge (Also not technically the GM, but he does what a GM used to do) or his head coach Brad Stevens (I think they are still called head coaches) today on the radio you were left disappointed. If you were looking for me to write an extreme run-on sentence to kick off this post and for Wyc to back his guys then you should be happy. But, if you want to try your luck betting on the Celtics bet365 bonus code is an excellent option.

Honestly while Brad hasn't been great this year he has been great during his tenure here, so I give some slack. Also coaches like Erik Spoelstra have won titles with a calm demeanor so I don't buy the rationale that he needs to be replaced by a coach who will yell. It's not like the Celtics under Stevens have a history of being favorites to win the title and getting bounced in round 1 or anything like that.

The plan was to build around Kyrie and another superstar that Ainge traded for with the Celtics surplus of assets. That plan went up in flames when Kyrie decided shortly after saying he wanted to remain in Boston for his career that he wanted to leave, Because too many superstar need to buddy up that meant Boston was a no go for Anthony Davis.

So yes that 2018-19 Celtics team was an example of a previously underperforming squad under Brad. But Kyrie went a whole season without talking to LeBron and wanted out of a championship team in Cleveland. I'm not even going to get into the flat earth or all the other stuff. He's just different. Maybe the Celtics should have known this and not traded for him, but they did and it failed and other players walked for nothing and here we stand.

And Ainge deserves a good amount of blame, but he's also the guy who drafted Jaylen, Tatum, Smart, Pritchard and Time Lord, so he's not some bum either. Regardless if he's the best man for the job he's Wyc's guy and a slow start to one season or a first half of one isn't going to change the "governor's" mind.

The Celtics would be crazy to trade either of their young 20's All-Stars. And Brad Stevens is a good coach. Also Kyrie walking is the type of thing that will still have an impact a few years later.