An Unusual Introduction to the NBA | Lucky Rooks Episode 1

I've always loved behind the scenes stuff. It was a lot harder to come across when I was younger. You basically needed your team to win a championship, so they'd release a video commemorating the season. Or you had shows like NBA Inside Stuff hosted by "my man" Ahmad Rashad. Nowadays it's a lot less rare. The Boston Celtics just released yesterday this first episode of Lucky Rooks. Hoping there will be one every Thursday, but might just be one a month.

Payton Pritchard has been tremendous as a rookie so far. He's shooting the lights out and plays like a veteran. He leads the team in scoring off the bench and has become the Celtics 6th man.

On the other hand, Aaron Nesmith hasn't come out of the gates roaring and it's a bit troubling that despite the team's need for a back-up wing who can shoot (especially with all the injuries) he can't seem to earn playing time. With that said, you can see the strides Grant Williams has made in his second season and it would be extremely foolish to write off Nesmith this soon. I don't think this is going to be a James Young situation. At worst I see Nesmith becoming a rotation player off the bench for many years to come.