Green Envy: What Wizards Fans said 08/01

The Celtics are firing on all cylinders and are steadily marching towards the top of the Eastern Conference, albeit being without several key players. The Wizards on the other hand are trending in the opposite direction. Here's how their fans are handling it.

The full slate

That’s his problem I love Russ but all that resting just to have another bad night isn’t doing him nor the team any favors with being inconsistent

Fire brooks!! Let deni come off the bench with bertans give Lopez more minutes

Westbrooks been playing awful. It's early but it definitely looks like Houston won that trade

Feel soo bad for this dude Beal balling out of his mind and they still cant win any games smdh

washington got the same defense the white house has

defense is a 7/11 always open

Wuss Restbrook needs a day off.

Trade bryant for defensive center please and fire brooks

Brooks will be fired before or at most by the break should this continue(it will). So who takes over?

Whose defense is worse, the Washington Wizards or the Washington Capitol

Bradley Beal has scored a combined 101 points (!) in his last two games and yet Washington has gone 0-2 in those games

Even Harry Potter can't save the Wizards

Y’all blame westbrook like our defense isn’t giving up 120 points a game lmao nothing will change until we play defense for a whole game

We still suck. Fire this goddamn Scott Brooks ffs.

Delete your franchise

I miss Randy Wittman

Beal and Wall were the two best things that have happened to this franchise and we could be doing amazing things right now if it wasn’t for Scott Brooks and Tommy Shepard jacking each other off

Tacko fall played better than Westbrook it’s just facts

Westbrook out there ballin like Kwame Brown tho

Man Brad, go ahead and request that trade bro. We don't even blame you.

Thank you for trading a fan favorite for a guy who goes 4-16 with 7 TO,Ted Leonsis

This franchise is a mess, our coach doesn’t even watch film on opposing teams. Pathetic.

It sure would be nice if Westbrook stopped shooting 3’s for like, ever

Gonna be just like last week huh? Comeback and can’t close it out

1. Get blown out 2. Brooks switches rotations up out of desperation because he has no clue what to do 3. Make a comeback attempt 4.Wizards lose

great rebounding guys. Might as well duct tape your hands behind your back