Scrimmage video of the Celtics back in action at the TD Garden

Well it's been a hot minute for sure since the the Celtics played basketball at the TD Garden. I'm sure you'll love watching the fellas back in action. Jaylen Brown looks like he's going to be an absolute beast. I hate to say it because I'm not a LeBron guy, but when Jaylen simply abuses defenders on his drives I see shades of James. Maybe it's the beard too. Who knows?

It's a small sample size and obviously like any highlight film this was edited by CLNS (NBC Sports Boston 100% should have aired this whole scrimmage. I love watching this stuff. Props to CLNS for this vid), but here are some other quick takeaways: Teague looks impressive. I still think Tremont Waters will be a NBA rotation player. Seeing Pritchard knock down the 3 was fun. Jaylen had his way with him and even though they are close in age, we have to remember Pritchard is rookie. We should expect his defense to improve the more he goes against NBA talent in practice.

Lastly can Daniel Theis get any love from Celtics fans? We spent a year with fans wanting the Celtics to trade for Myles Turner. Until that didn't happen and then most of those same fans decided that Turner was a bum. But then immediately things switched to Tristan Thompson should start. Well that's all fine and good, but Tristan isn't even playing in training camp or the preseason games, due to his hamstring injury.

Remember when the Celtics add a player for his 30's (Tristan will turn 30 in 3 months), you're not guaranteed to get the 20's version. You very well may end up with a less athletic player who will miss more games due to injuries. And I'm not trying to rain on the Tristan parade. I wanted him last year if the Cavs bought him out and I'm excited to have him this season, but just saying I think people sleep on Theis.