How to approach betting on the new NBA basketball season

The end of the 19/20 basketball season is something that fans are never going to forget. We hoped the new 20/21 season would be better, but to begin with, that isn’t going to be the case.

Variations will not be as strong, but there is no doubt that it brings a very unique feel to the new season.

Whether you are a fan watching from home, or someone who bets on the NBA, you are going to want to be ahead of the game in terms of the rules in place, what to expect and what differences we are going to see.

In particular, if you are an NBA gambler, you need to be ahead of the important aspects that could go as far as deciding the outcome of games.

Here is a look at some aspects of the new season you need to keep an eye on.

When or If Crowds Will Attend

Crowds are going to be the big talking point, when they arrive, if they arrive at all and how the rules will be different around the USA.

European leagues have started playing, some with fans and some without, and while it is not new for players, it is certainly something else to think about and consider while playing.

The betting in Europe using the bet365 Euro basketball offer will have experience of this, other punters will need to catch up. If a team is behind, they don’t have the crowd to get them back into the game, which is one of the biggest differences.

Early in the season, look out for those who had big experience in the bubble to end last season, they should have an advantage over those who didn’t attend at all.

The Schedule Build Up

Anyone who takes a look at the Celtics 20/21 schedule will see that the first half is out right now, the second half will come at a later date.

This is because the league wants to wait to find out whether fans can attend down the line, rather than creating a schedule now that may not suit fans a few months from now.

However, what you will also see is that things are very tight, and there is just a week built in for catch up games. Any team that has trouble with the virus is going to find themselves with a huge backlog of games, which will take more than a week to play.

Perhaps not at the beginning, but towards the end of the first half of the new season, be sure to look at the schedule, see who is suffering and be prepared to bet against them.

Injuries and Fatigue

With the assumption that teams are going to run into trouble with players testing positive and the fact that injuries are going to be more likely given the condensed season, this is going to be a crucial element of your betting.

Keeping up with the latest team news to be ahead of the game in terms of injuries and Covid restrictions is going to be vital.

The LA Lakers are top of the season rankings but a couple of injuries and issues with Covid testing at the wrong time could see them lose a handful of games in a row very quickly.

Teams are going to have to be deep, and gamblers will need to be able to assess the depth players in a way they haven’t needed to in the past.

It all sets a fascinating backdrop for which we will play this new upcoming season on.