Green Envy: What Pacers fans said - 12/29

We're four games into the new season and Boston has a 2-2 record. With last night's comeback win against Indiana, the Celtics not only took revenge for losing there on Monday, they also provided a source of frustration for Pacers fans. Here comes the first Green Envy of the season.

The return of Victor Oladipo

Good news: it look like Vic might be back

At least Dipo looked the old dipo tonight

Nights like this make me fall in love with Dipo all over again as a Pacer

If Dipo doesn’t play well after his “day-off” please figure out a way to trade him ! Just can’t take it anymore...just don’t feel like he wants to be here.

Just my opinion but I think they play better without olidipo.

I speak for all Pacers fans when I say that Oladipo is finished and should be traded and Klay is better

Celtics' 4th quarter comeback

There goes the flow of the offense

Jayson Tatum out of control, Vic's back, but Pacers dropped the ball 2,548 times

Pacers have gotta be so pissed with what Pritchard has done to them.

Soft as grapes. No effort in fourth quarter

Them damn Holiday Brothers are Sad All they do is Foul & turn the ball over

Pacers inbounds play in the 4th Q in a close game makes me the most nervous in all of sports

Pathetic fourth quarter, especially by McConnell J. Holiday and warren

pacers watched the colts and said “hey we can do that too”

One day, deep into the future, the Celtics and Pacers won't play a heart-attack-inducing game in Indiana. But it is not this day.

Celtics missing walker Pacers led by 17 late in the 3rd Pacers at home Pacers blow it. Same old pacers.

Blowing an 11 point lead is very on brand for the Pacers.

Can’t believe WE got Pritch slapped

Bro, I swear, the whole 4th quarter of the Pacers should be on shaqtin a fool.

Can’t believe Pacers lost this game. Went flat as fuck half way in the third and looked like a 12 year old YMCA team after that

Blame it on the refs

With these refs, the Celtics should be blowing out the Pacers. I can't believe this is a 2 point game. Refs have been absolutely awful against the Pacers and it's giving me strong Lakers/Kings vibes

Refs wearing green tonight too

When the Pacers have possession the ref’s whistles are broken

Celtics have over 30 attempted free throws. Pacers have 13. Uhhh

If you thought the NBA was going to allow the Pacers to beat the Celtics twice in a row and start off 4-0 you are CRAZY

Tweet of the night

That settles it, I am now a Celtics fan. I will never root for the pacers or any team in Indiana ever again.