Celtics Reddit Podcast (Ep. 106) | Farewell, Brad Wanamaker

Gordon Hayward leaves us high and dry as we welcome some veteran free agents to the roster. This week we're joined by LarBrd33 to discuss the Celtics' offseason moves thus far, Hayward's departure and Celtic legacy, and the significance of Tatum's extension. Plus, new jerseys, classic Brad Wanamaker moments, and the state of the subreddit.
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1:00 - Hayward's departure, acquiring a TPE, Hayward's Celtic legacy.
22:50 - Celtics sign Tristan Thompson, comparisons to Kanter, who will start at Center?
30:00 - Celtics sign Jeff Teague, Teague's recent (lack of) performances, favorite Brad Wanamaker moments.
39:00 - The wonderful thing that is Jayson Tatum's extension.
51:00 - Celtics Reddit recap.