Tacko Take 2: Celtics re-sign Tremont Waters and popular center Tacko Fall

The Boston Celtics have retained G-League Player of the Year Tremont Waters, signing him to another 2-way deal. Thought he had earned a full roster spot, but the Celtics get kind of lucky here. Waters will battle with first round draft pick Payton Pritchard and newly signed veteran guard for back-up point guard minutes on the Celtics. There is also the possibility that the Celtics bring Kemba back slowly from his knee issues and also sit him some regular season games for maintenance days, so Waters role could fluctuate. Celtics fans will likely be more excited to hear that there will be a second act for Tacko Time in Boston as the lovable center has also signed another 2-way contract. The Celtics have been impressed with Fall's development so far as they attempt to find out if he can be a rotation player in the modern NBA. This likely won't be the season that Tacko gets legit playing time. If he shows more improvement this season, expect him to get more of a shot in 2021-2022.

Welcome back Tremont and Tacko!