Jaylen Brown says end of Game 3 was a "f-ing disgrace" in postgame presser

Always feel that people that don't swear incessantly come off better in arguments, debates, and making points. And if that's what they are known for, when they on the rarest of occasions so drop an F bomb, well it means a lot more. Kind of like when Yoda speaks. The usual PG Jaylen Brown was so upset with the breakdown on the final play that he had his rare moment. Expect the young star to come back with a vengeance on Saturday. Personally I don't blame him for the final play.

The Celtics shouldn't have been in zone with 0.5 seconds left. You simply can't allow any Raptors to be wide open facing the hoop. That's essentially is the only way the Raptors could pull this off. Man up and every one take somebody. Don't need Jayson chilling in his zone waiting for the possibility that Van Fleet gets free and catches the ball facing Lowry and the sideline and somehow in half a second does some crazy fade-away stuff to win it. Van Fleet isn't Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant where you know there is no way they'd let the coach draw up a play for someone else, so having a second guy to help likely won't hurt. But there was no guarantee that the ball was going to Van Fleet or any individual Raptor on that final play. All four guys on the court were options and should have been covered.

To the "why guard the inbounder" crowd:

On to Game 4 on Saturday.