Numbers & thoughts on seeding game 7 “at” Memphis

Unfortunately, the future endeavors of one Boston Celtic took a hit even as Brad’s Boys were winning their fourth straight contest in the NBA’s “Silver Bubble” Tuesday evening. Early in Q4, 265-pound back-up center Enes Kanter was assessed a Flagrant Foul against Grizzlies’ rookie forward Brandon Clarke. Despite about a 50-pound weight disadvantage (not to mention the excessive nature of the offense), the Memphis rookie managed to connect on a 10’ follow-up of his own missed FGA.

The personable Kanter, who briefly held the WWE’s coveted 24/7 Championship last summer, may have taken a little of the luster off his prospects for a post-hoops career in an “industry” that rewards appearance over reality.

On a side note, Kanter’s aggressive faux-pas (along with Clarke’s stout follow-through) threw off my conversion count for Q4 at first – I was improperly tallying those two Clarke foul shots as a separate possession (a Free Throw conversion) … what should we call that pair of FT’s, an “and-1-plus-1”?

Memphis did wind up with two more offensive possessions in Q4 than did the C’s – one due to the possession loss from the flagrant foul, the other because the Griz had both the first and last official opportunities to score. [In the same manner, Boston was +2 in possessions in Q2, Jonas Valenciunas the overly aggressive defender in that instance.]

Amping up the FGD

After allowing the Bucks and Blazers to make nearly half their FGA’s (.482) in the opening seeding games, the Green Gang has demonstrably tightened its loose defensive screws, most impressively last week while limiting the defending champs to 43 percent shooting (a comparable CV%, as well).

In their last two victories, the other guys have collectively shot 76-for-191 (.398) from the field.


FG: C’s – 44-86, .512
3FG: C’s – 16-37, .432
FT: C’s – 18-23, .783 [9 conversions]
TS%: C’s – .635
OR: C’s – 10 + 4 (team) [minus 0 FT rebounds]
DR: C’s – 36 + 5 (team) [minus 3 FT rebounds]
TO: C’s – 12 + 3 (team)
Poss: C’s – 96 {43 “Empty”}
PPP: C’s – 1.271
CV%: C’s – 53 / 96, .552
Stripes: C’s – 11 [5.5 conversions]
Adjusted CV%: C’s – 58.5 / 96, .609 {expected production, 117 points}


FG: Mem – 35-89, .393
3FG: Mem – 7-29, .241
FT: Mem – 30-38, .789 [17 conversions]
TS%: Mem – .506
OR: Mem – 14 + 3 (team) [minus 1 FT rebound]
DR: Mem – 30 + 2 (team) [minus 4 FT rebounds]
TO: Mem – 8 + 0 (team)
Poss: Mem – 97 {45 “Empty”}
PPP: Mem – 1.103
CV%: Mem – 52 / 97, .536
Stripes: Mem – -1 [-0.5 conversions]
Adjusted CV%: Mem – 51.5 / 97, .522 {expected production, 103 points}

Note re Calculation & Notation:

The number of “possessions” is an accurate count, not a formula-based estimated value. For purposes of clarity, the bracketed digit following the FT% is the exact count of “conversions” represented by those FTA’s.

“Possessions” calculation: FGA’s + FT conversions + TO’s – OR’s (including Team OR’s) – FT OR’s

“Conversions” calculation: FG’s + FT conversions

“Stripes” calculation: 3FG’s – missed FTA’s

TS% = True Shooting Percentage

PPP = Points per Possession

CV% = Conversion Percentage

Abacus Revelation for the Road

I’m beginning yet again to wonder if old friend BDiddy has rejoined us.

I saw a 10-deep “dream” playing rotation for next year’s team that seemed to have purposely excluded Marcus Smart … that sure sounds like my old pal at his most illogically contentious – or maybe a disciple?

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