Kendrick Perkins rips Irving again, questions Kyrie's intent on player boycott

Despite the Kyrie Irving led charge to prevent the restart of NBA season,the return-to-play plan is still set to proceed. Former Irving teammate Kendrick Perkins wonders though if Kyrie's intentions are 100% genuine. Irving is out for the season and asked for permission to join the NBA bubble. After he was denied, Perkins claims that Irving changed his tune and started calling for the boycott.

Kendrick Perkins on Kyrie Irving:
“He’s just known for bringing up drama all the time for no reason. Why are you stirring the pot? We don’t need that right now. A lot of times, we don’t need to hear his voice anyway. Kyrie is a helluva basketball player. Sometimes just because you’re the best basketball player don’t make you the leader of the team. That’s not how it works a lot of times.”

Here's the full interview:

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