Are you more disturbed that Jabari Parker was out in Chicago with coronavirus or that TMZ referred to him as a "star"?


Jabari Parker just told the world he'd contracted coronavirus -- and less than 3 days later, the guy doesn't appear to be in isolation ... but rather, he's playing tennis in public.

The Sacramento Kings star was spotted Saturday in Chicago's Longfellow Park, where he was rallying with a buddy on the other end of the net ... all smiles, and without a mask. Mind you, he'd just announced a few days earlier that he had test positive for COVID-19.

Another somewhat troubling sign -- sources tell us Jabari was recently seen out at a restaurant there in the Windy City.

You are required to quarantine for 14 days following a positive test. Additionally NBA players are also required not to exert any physical activity. It's possible that Parker's 14 day period had just elapsed. If not the alleged restaurant outing is likely more problematic than the tennis match. The Kings are reportedly investigating the matter.

Now on to the Quarantine Question of the Day!

Today's question:
Are you more disturbed that Jabari Parker was out in Chicago with coronavirus or that TMZ referred to him as a "star"?

Obviously this question is rather tongue in cheek. In one instance you have someone who was reportedly mingling with the public while still possibly being contagious with a deadly virus. In the other instance I have a pet peeve with reporters that label any NBA player that ever played in the league a "star." Jabari Parker has played on five NBA teams prior to his 25th birthday. I'm sure many NBA fans weren't even aware he was on the Kings. He's a journeyman. Far from a NBA star.

Anyway, wear your masks and social distance people. You can spread the virus even if you don't have any symptoms. Also, media stop referring to every NBA player as a "star." Unless it's Brian Scalabrine or Tacko Fall.

Unfortunately we will have no recaps or Green Envy's for a while, so figured it might be fun and give people a distraction to debate in the comment section on a different question every day while we are stuck in this new normal.

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