Ainge reports that Kemba Walker, Jaylen Brown & Robert Williams all appear healthy after lengthy hiatus

File this under silver lining of no basketball the last three months: A few Celtics who were banged up this winter are now looking healthy according to the Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge.

Perhaps the only positive for the Celts from the suspension of the season is that injuries have been given time to heal. Jaylen Brown (hamstring), Kemba Walker (knee) and Robert Williams (back) all appear healthy in limited activity so far.

“Jaylen’s been working out. He looks healthy, looks good,” Ainge said. “And Kemba’s been working out, too. So time will tell on all of that. Rob looks healthy, too.”

There was some thought, as Walker’s left knee issue lingered, that the problem was worse than the team was letting on.

“I don’t know if that’s true, but I’m not sure it matters now,” said Ainge. “Time will tell. Time will tell us about the health of players. I mean, there’s always injuries going on, but I’m confident that Kemba and Jaylen are going to have a really good (remainder) of the year.”

I'm sure all NBA teams can claim that the hiatus has helped heal some of their walking wounded. For the Celtics Kemba Walker really needed some rest and he's such an integral piece. I was worried previously that he might not make it through an entire extended playoffs, but now there's much more hope. Prior to this season Kemba has been an iron man, but things have a way of changing once one hits the wrong side of 30.

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