Thank you to all our Celtics Life readers, commenters, & customers for sticking with us during this tough time

Hey just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for continuing to frequent our little independent Celtics fan site during these tough times. This is believe it or not our 11th season covering the Celtics. It's been a rough one as many of you know even before the coronavirus shut down the NBA. If you recall our Twitter account accidentally got suspended a few times this season and we were without it for the whole holiday season. Due to this we've had the worst sales season since we started. Also lost a lot of readers. And our farm system of quality writers dried up as we became less seen.

And honestly back when we first started selling shirts in 2009, we were unique in that barely anyone else was doing it on social media. And we had a very large Twitter and Facebook following. Nowadays it seems like everyone and their mom is selling shirts. All the major companies used their advertising dollars to catch up in the social media department. As you can see from the 2 trillion dollar corporate bailout it's a lot easier to survive and be a corporation or part of one than an independent small business.

Now with this coronavirus outbreak, readership is way down, since there is no basketball to cover and more important news out there. No baseball or hockey either for our sister sites Red Sox Life and Bruins Life respectively. And since so many people are out of work and/or worried about their own finances, obviously apparel sales are basically non existent.

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With all that said, it's brought me a ton of joy to still see our diehards and loyal readers still frequent the site every day and comment. People are still chatting in the Shout Box. People are still interacting with us on Twitter and Facebook.

Being able to still post to an audience and share Celtics stuff with you Celtics Lifers gives me joy during these dark and boring days in solitude. So no matter how bleak things look, THANK YOU for sticking around. Hopefully we have also given you some decent distractions during this pandemic. Much love!

If you would like to help out during this tough time and are financially able, please consider shopping in our online store which has been bringing the Celtics world unique shirts ever since we created our Grand Theft Rondo shirts in 2009. Of course, if times are equally tough for you and yours please save your money instead!

Additionally if you aren't really interested in any of our apparel or would rather just make a contribution any donations or "tips" if you will would be greatly appreciated. Stay home and stay safe out there. Thanks!

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