NBA unlikely to start back up until June... at the earliest

Everything is a fluid situation with the NBA and this pandemic. Initially there was hope that the NBA might be back in a month's time. Today the optimistic outlook is maybe NBA basketball will be back in three months time. Maybe all these efforts to flatten the curve by social distancing will work and we'll get to see Celtics basketball again in June. Still there are many people that don't understand their role in stopping this. Based on all the people that were out at crowded bars yesterday, many Americans still don't understand the seriousness of this pandemic. We won't get past it and in turn have professional sports again until we do.

Here's a potential schedule if things take a turn for the better the next three months and NBA and Celtics basketball returns in mid to late June:

I could also see a scenario where the 2020/2021 season isn't 82 games. Would be a lot of back to backs, which players and teams hate. Not mentioned anywhere is the Olympics. Whenever that takes place, don't expect the USA basketball team to have the top NBA stars on it.