C’s continue to encounter stumbling blocks, drop 105-104 squeaker to OKC

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Pretty much for every sports hero, there is a corresponding “goat” … sure Havlicek stole the ball, but Hall of Famer Hal Greer has endured a certain infamy in Philadelphia 76er lore for being the guy who threw that deflectable pass.

I bring up this notion because our Celtics seem to be consistently finding themselves stuck on the wrong side of this little duality lately – in a position to win, but unable to close it out.

For the second game in a row (and third time in five games), Boston lost despite securing more rebounds AND committing fewer turnovers than the other guys.

This is also the second game in 10 days when the Celts lost even tough their expected point production – on the basis of “Adjusted Conversion Percentage” – exceeded that of the winning side. (The OT loss to Houston being the other anomaly).

Sports Illustrated
Brad’s boys call to my mind the 2012 Westbrook-Durant-Harden Thunder squad that impressively “swept” Pop’s rockin’-and-rollin’ Spurs in the WCF (snapping a 20-game San Antonio winning streak that dated back to the regular season) before falling rather meekly in the Finals to Miami.

Game 63 vs. Oklahoma City

Boston 104

FG: C’s – 38-92, .413
3FG: C’s – 13-37, .351
FT: C’s – 15-19, .789 [8 conversions]
TS%: C’s – .518
OR: C’s – 11 + 2 (team) [minus 0 FT rebounds]
DR: C’s – 35 + 3 (team) [minus 4 FT rebounds]
TO: C’s – 13 + 0 (team)
Poss: C’s – 101 {55 “Empty”}
PPP: C’s – 1.030
CV%: C’s – 46 / 101, .455
Stripes: C’s – 9 [4.5 conversions]
Adjusted CV%: C’s – 50.5 / 101, .500 {expected production, 101 points}

Oklahoma City 105

FG: OKC – 35-79, .443
3FG: OKC – 10-25, .400
FT: OKC – 25-34, .735 [14 conversions]
TS%: OKC – .559
OR: OKC – 4 + 7 (team) [minus 1 FT rebound]
DR: OKC – 35 + 6 (team) [minus 2 FT rebounds]
TO: OKC – 16 + 2 (team)
Poss: OKC – 100 {51 “Empty”}
PPP: OKC – 1.050
CV%: OKC – 49 / 100, .490
Stripes: OKC – 1 [0.5 conversions]
Adjusted CV%: OKC – 49.5 / 100, .495 {expected production, 99 points}

Note re Calculation & Notation:

The number of “possessions” is an accurate count, not a formula-based estimated value. For purposes of clarity, the bracketed digit following the FT% is the exact count of “conversions” represented by those FTA’s.

“Possessions” calculation: FGA’s + FT conversions + TO’s – OR’s (including Team OR’s) – FT OR’s

“Conversions” calculation: FG’s + FT conversions

“Stripes” calculation: 3FG’s – missed FTA’s

TS% = True Shooting Percentage

PPP = Points per Possession

CV% = Conversion Percentage

Abacus Revelation for the Road

Matteo Marchi
Like the afore-mentioned John Havlicek, OKC’s Chris Paul secured a victory for his team with his defensive play – at two key junctures in the game’s closing seconds.

I’ve long had mixed feeling about CP3, tempted by the “old-school” in his game yet, troubled by his earned reputation as a cheap-shot artist.

Nevertheless, Paul – indeed this generation collectively – is to be applauded for looking out for the pioneers of the NBA in their collective bargaining with the league.

Celtic legend Tiny Archibald, the recent recipient of a heart transplant, acknowledges that he’s still alive thanks to the health screening and benefits made available to retired players through the most recent Collective Bargaining agreement.