3/10 Green Envy: What Pacers Fans Had To Say

Tonight, the Celtics snapped a two-game losing streak as they beat their potential first-round playoff match up the Indiana Pacers with a final score of 114-111. With the exception of a few solid runs by the Pacers throughout the game, Boston had this pretty much under control for the most part, and that infuriated the Pacers fans. However, when the fourth quarter came along, Victor Oladipo caught fire and the game went down to the wire. There was a lot of complaining about the refs, Jayson Tatum, the refs, a lack of energy out of most of the Pacer's squad, and finally the refs. So, here's what Pacers fans had to say:


say it with me:
F*ck the Celtics

still waiting on the game with no fans due to coronavirus

I hate the damn Celtics. Let's get this win and get closer to the 3 seed.

No Brown is good news for the Pacers. He has done very well against the Pacers in the past.

Simply put that if we can"t beat them today, 3rd seed will be out of reach.

So, Marcus Smart is gonna shoot 115% from 3 tonight, right?

1st quarter 

Don’t let washed up Hayward be the difference maker

Theis is gonna tear us to shreds tonight isn’t he

Gordon is killing us

We getting spanked thus far

Stuck with Boston announcers tonight. Pray for me

This ain’t it

2nd quarter 

Ok these refs are dumb


Jason Tatum really is the real deal now


Tatum got 20 pts already? Wtf


Honestly it’s amazing how consistently bad refs are... whether the calls are going for or against us... it always seems bad

I wanna see somebody hit a shot and shush the refs

Bro....these f*cking refs need an ass beating

Gotta fix the lighting in bankers life tonight, refs having trouble seeing



F*ck the bean town boys and their referees

Oladigoat is back!!!!


Do that many Celtics fans live in Indy or do they just travel well? Cause that quick shot of the pacers fan standing up was literally the only pacers fan in that shot, the rest were green

So much bullshit in that last 2 minutes.

I can’t believe that most of these refs are still paid to be incompetent

Kemba Walker with the LeBron level flop

These refs can all take a d*ck in the ass.

I see Tatum doesn’t get called for fouls anymore

Anyone know where I can get my NBA ref jersey? Really love watching them impact this game!

Happy it's below 10. That's all.

Time for another small market conspiracy

3rd Quarter

This is the flattest we’ve been in a while

This team f*cking sucks

If we can just win, or lose by 7 or less, I will be happy.

I’d like to avoid them in the first round (again) at all cost

3pt defense is cheeks

My basketball IQ might be too low but is there a reason why we just aren't guarding Hayward?

What’s happening to us? No hustle tonight

I don't understand why we don't guard anyone.

This is just preparing me for the inevitable round 1 exit

3 bench points.... THREE.. 3.. TRES

First game back after a road trip is always tough but I didn’t think we would look like this

I swear the Celtics have an extra point

4th quarter 

Tough to comeback from 14 down with two point shots that take 20 seconds to develop...really need to hit some threes here but we’ve only averaged two per quarter.

What’s the free throw difference at this point? 10?

Use whole shot Cloke and end up with a fucking jakarr Sampson three pointer


If Tatum misses I think it’s pretty important to REBOUND


We just don’t have enough right now. Boston is a better team than us anyway but that’s exacerbated with Brogdon and McDermott out.

I just want to win a playoff series

I’m losing my voice yelling at the refs here.

I eat some toast for 4 minutes and we cut the lead to 6

Don't do this. Don't give me hope.


Yo boys. Vic is back.


When Sabonis pumps his fists and yells after a basket, I keep expecting Wolverine claws to pop out.

I actually liked that Vic 3. He makes that, it's game. And I like this aggression on the next possession.

We almost had it damn it

Stupid pull-up 3 by Oladipo killed the momentum.

Vic cost us the game with that 3 man I know he’s back but damn

Well damn. But at first it wasn't fun. At least it got fun