Green Envy: What Clippers fans said, 2/13

The Boston Celtics outlasted the Los Angeles Clippers 141-133 in a double OT thriller that immediately qualified for the game of the year. Jayson Tatum went for 39 points and was the best player on the floor while going up against Kawhi Leonard, arguably the league's best defender. Let's take a look at what Clippers fans had to say after losing this battle!


Is Paul George still a good player? (Oh boy..)

Really fed up with how un aggressive pg is in the paint

Since nobody wants to say it PG CANNOT be the 2nd best player on your team if you want to win a championship.
I hope the Sixers implode so we can package PG + Zubac for Embiid. Kawhi & Embiid pick and roll (Oh come on people)

Give PG a chance bro, we haven't even see him fully comfortable and integrated into the team yet, PG when I rhythm is among the best of the best in the league, we can't expect him to be in MVP form given these current circumstances. If he isn't in form by the playoffs then yeah, I'd say it's okay to look further (Thank goodness, finally a sane take)

Embiid runs his mouth and is a fake tough guy. Plus he is always hurt. (Suck it, Embiid)

PG injured AGAIN. And when he does play he’s ineffective inefficient.
We messed up big time and I’m sure Kawhi regretting recruiting PG. dude is washed up. And don’t think he will magically get better and magically play elite when the playoffs come. It’s one thing to be hurt all the time, it’s another to play like shit when you aren’t hurt. If we lose this year, we need a way to get rid of him (A reminder, all of these comments game in the first half...of a game in February...)

Jerry is no doubt a top 3 executive in the league but has the Morris trade been his worst move since he’s got here? Even then that speaks volumes of how good he is lol. (#FlaskDad)

I miss Moe’s defense. And why is Theis getting the Bogut Treatment on these screens from refs (If there's one thing we know about Daniel Theis, it's that he gets all the calls..........)

PG, 20 minutes, 4 points. It's laughable that people cal them a "dynamic duo". Toenail Clippers are trash (Toenail Clippers is an electric nickname)

Jayson Tatum is fucking swole like holy damn he got some thick ass biceps (Happy Valentine's Day)

Lou has severly regressed. Trezz can get his points, but hes way too exploitable. PG needs to step it up. We look lost compared to these contending teams. Lou Williams and Montrezl Harrell combined for like 55 points last night)

Thats the play doc draws up? Really? When are we gonna realize hes really not a good coach

Holy hell the Celtics are fucking good...

It’s hard to shoot a three when the pass is aimed at your foot and someone is closing out on you, but you probably don’t hoop so you wouldn’t know. (DO YOU EVEN SPORTS BRO?!)

The Clippers miss Mo’s defense bad and it shows. They don’t even have Brown and we’re getting torched.

Even though this game is really close, it's been really frustrating to watch. Past few games have been rough for how high many of us had set our expectations

Tatum is an absolute dog. Should have Kawhi on him instead of Shamet right now. That guy is cooking


This game isn’t for us...

Clippers got to win this game now man... These refs trying their hardest for Boston

I hope Lou don't let it affect his game. I understand his anger but let win it now.

Shamet on Tatum again. Fire doc

Doc: Tatum is playing Kawhi really well defensively. Instead of getting a switch, just try post him up again.

I’m hurt pls bail us out Kawhi or Lou or anyone

Tatum is something else man

It's legit Lou vs. Smart right now (The matchup we all wanted to see)

Great drive and kick from Lou as well, my man been carrying us

Marcus Morris is a Los Angeles Clipper (It's crazy because I could have sworn that in the first half you were calling him the worst trade your front office has ever made...)

Tatums shoulders and chest do look wider

If we lose this imma be LIVID. Come on Clips. I wonder how this guy is doing this morning)

Our 4th quarters need some serious work, its getting old watching this team lose games to decent teams and get totally outplayed in the final minutes. This shit isn't gonna fly in the playoffs

In and out on that Kawhi three. The basketball gods just don't want us to be happy, man.

Just read PG re-injured his hamstring. This is bad. So many games out for this already. At least we have the All Star break on our side.

I'm no basketball expert but seeing some more ball movement would be nice.

This is the issue with our team, we don't have enough defense to make comebacks. And no one except Kawhi can reliably score.

This team has a nature of making great guys avarage when they play for us...
Kawhi, Lou and Trezz are doing their job. The rest is simply not playing as expected from them.

Wish Jaylen Brown was playing, I want to see how this team competes against a healthy Boston team. He'd be guarding Leonard

Kawhi V Tatum duel I see

Cmon Morris is a dawg but needs to be smart about it...second straight game with a tech

Tatum just owned Kawhi... damn that’s tough man

Tatum outplaying Kawhi on both ends of the floor, yikes

This dude Tatum different man

Okay, this needs to be a 7 game series! Both of the games the clippers and the Celtics played against each other this year have “game of the year”written all over it

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