Delonte West's life continues to spiral downwards

We hate when we have to report on news like this, but despite several cries for help, Delonte West's life seems to only be getting worse and worse. The video of his altercation yesterday is heartbreaking.

"[The witness] told officers that she observed the handcuffed male [West] first hit the other with a glass bottle and that man responded by striking the one who had thrown the bottle several times," cops say.
ops say the incident took place around 9:45 AM -- and note that both West and the other man knew each other and had been involved in a dispute earlier that morning.

One of the men was bleeding from the face when cops arrived. However, both men refused medical assistance and refused to press charges against the other, cops say.

[Delonte's former agent] Goodwin tells us West is currently recovering from the attack with family members but desperately needs medical attention.

Goodwin says West HAS a support system around him but his close friends and family members need more help to keep Delonte safe and out of trouble.

We're told the NBA has and is offering to support West and his family. But, the reality is, they can only do so much.

This is so sad. We fear that we're just waiting to hear news of a tragic ending to Delonte's story. We pray that he gets the help he needs.

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