Jayson Tatum has career night in Celtics win over the Hornets

If you've been waiting for Jayson Tatum to erupt with one of those signature games where he looks not just like a potential all-star, but a superstar, last night must have felt good. Tatum put on the type of show we used to see pretty regularly from another Celtics forward Paul Pierce. And let's be honest, if Tatum wants to make that jump to superstar we need to start seeing those 35/10/5 games. He was pretty close versus the Hornets finishing with a career high 39 points (15 of 29 from the field and a perfect 5 for 5 from the line) with a healthy serving of 12 rebounds on the side. Tatum only had 2 assists, but I'll take the 3 blocks in the place of dimes.

The next step is passing that 40 point plateau, which will mean more attacking of the basket and the ensuing more trips to the line. But this was a big step. Enjoy his career high of 39 in the video below.