Injuries provide Romeo Langford with opportunity to show why he was Celtics choice at #14

Romeo Langford seems to have been playing catch-up for quite a while. He was highly touted coming out of high school in Indiana, but didn't shoot the ball well as a Freshman and wasn't high on teams' lottery lists. Reportedly there were a lot of grains from the Celtics warm room on draft night after the Heat picked Tyler Herro one spot ahead of the Boston. Throughout the summer and Summer League we heard about how great Grant Williams, Carsen Edwards and Tacko Fall were going to be, while the injured Romeo became an afterthought.

Well now with the injuries to Gordon Haywards and Marcus Smart, Romeo has finally got a shot and the past two games have given Celtics fans some glimpses on why Ainge picked Langford #14. While people are too quick to criticize a young player that doesn't amaze out the gate, they are also too quick with their "I told you so's." You know the whole, "Everyone was hating on Romeo, but I knew he'd be great, so eat crow now." I probably dislike those hot takes even more. Reality is we don't know what the Celtics have in Romeo yet. We know that he's been bitten by the injury bug more than once. Sometimes that's bad luck. Sometimes it becomes a pattern and a long term issue. One of the greatest abilities is availability.

Langford's healthy now and we're finally getting to see him play against NBA teams. The results have been encouraging the past two games.