Green Envy: What Mavericks fans said, 12/18

The Boston Celtics got back into the win column against the Dallas Mavericks with a close 109-103 victory. Kemba Walker, Jayson Tatum, and Jaylen Brown combined to score 82 of the team's 109 points, and the Luka Doncic-less Mavericks just didn't have the fire power to keep up. Let's take a look at what the Mavericks fans had to say about their team's loss!


This team is clearly better without Doncic (Oh boy)

Mavericks might be better without Luka. Much harder to guard. Maybe Nelson can start looking into some trade packages for him. (You can't be serious)

I want our Mavs to win, but I hope they do not get overtly cocky where they think they do not need Luka. (OK thank you finally a sane opinion)

Tatum and Brown are all stars (Say it louder for the people in the back!)

Don’t feel good about this game at all. Brunson has had a horrible game on O and D

I am conflicted about liking Grant Williams and him scoring well vs the Mavs (Grant Williams da god)

Kemba is a fucking flopper. I'm glad he's not on the Mavs. (Keep lyin' boy)

Looks like that Bucks win was just extremely lucky. Mavs depth is horrible and overrated.

Chemistry be damned. Trade and get some talent. Winning creates chemistry (Seems like a very measured, calm approach to losing a game without Luka)

We need chef Curry and KP to carry us this game again.

Alot of Celtics players are injured this is a W for us. "Not so fast!" in my best Lee Corso impression)

In October if someone told you the Mavs will be 18-11 29 games in what would your reaction be? (Clearly more positive than your fan base)

This is what Powell looked like before we got Luka and whenever he wasn't playing with JJ. Just a useless big energy brute. (Former Celtics player irritating their new fanbase alert)

Chemistry is great but if a trade can be made to improve the team why not make it. As currently constructed I can’t see us beating any top 6 seed out west in a series

We just don’t match up well with the Celtics

Smart is not playing but Celtics still got defenders in droves. Coach Stevens has been a thorn in KP's young career.

At 6 am I don't have more nerves for this kind of game.. Cmon Mavs cmon AAA.. Or don't (Never too high, never too low)

At least Houston should lose tomorrow vs LA. So we would be the 4 seed because Denver won’t lose again

Sprinting full speed in transition never seems to work for smaller guards. Always ends up in an out of control pass or layup attempt

Grant Willams is the MVP for them he made some key buckets in the 3rd that gave them all of the momentum (Grant Williams da god Part II)

I don't know how to feel about KP's long 3s. It's cool when he makes them but they seem to go in at a low percentage. (Welcome to the age of analytics my friend)


Just totally flat coming out of the half. Sucks. This game is right there for the taking, but these guys just look out of it.

Just like the game in Boston. We were in the game until the last minutes

Confident KP completely changes the dynamic Of this team.

Boy, we’re gonna be in trouble when teams figure out that all we do is drive and kick to the weak side

Man, Curry has been just awesome recently.

The Celtics are a Myles Turner away from challenging the Bucks for the East (Hello there, old friend)

I dont think I have ever seen kp make a basket while getting fouled. Makes you appreciate Luka's wizardry.

Holy shit we are the greatest team in the history of the game and are gonna win 7 of the next 10 championships!! (Who wants to tell him?)

Man there are gonna be way too many insufferable "Mavs are better without Luka" takes (You don't even know!)

I know Luka trusts his teammates with his life because he's constantly hyping them up, but this is the chance to show him what they're really made of with him on the bench. Let's go Mavs, show the MVP how much you want to win!

I gotta say with Luka out the defense is much more disciplined

When’s the last time we beat Boston? Feels frustratingly overdue at this point

I know Kemba is a good guy and a good player, but in the context of this game, I am sick to death of him killing the Mavs every damn time

yeah awfull shooting and the refs not calling anything our way and calling everything for them killed us this half

We've been awful at taking advantage of Kemba being out goddamn

We are not playing bad, open shots not falling the entire second half...

I guess I'll take a win over the Bucks for a loss to Boston. Hopefully we pull one more win before Luka comes back, gonna be rough.

Tatum makes it so obvious when he’s actually gonna take those contested threes (Still knocks them down right in your eyeball)

These are the matchups where we are getting killed because we dont have a second capable wing defender

We getting good shots but there were better shots. The defense still looks good. It's all gonna go down in crunch time

Why do ESPN announcers never seem like they care about the game right in front of them

That Xfinity commercial with ET and original actor who played Elliot. A little bittersweet because that's the best they can do since they'll never do a sequel or anything. (Sometimes the important things just need to be said)

Tatum isn’t even a high percentage shooter yet I have never seen him miss a midrange jumpshot somehow

I'm not that impressed with Boston tonight, winnable game. Hopefully someone steps up.

Looks like someone will drop 40 points against us again.

Kemba would’ve looked really good in a Mavs jersey. What a shame...

Played so well against the best team in basketball but look like complete shit vs the wounded Celtics in our building

Mavs doing well defensively for the most part and can get stops, they just need to keep getting easy buckets not playing like they down 9 with 1 min remaining

So all the extra 3's we made against Milwaukee aren't falling today. And the refs, of course, playing with Boston jerseys just letting them foul all the time and swallowing their fucking whistles. Still a great fight by the guys, if just one of those two things weren't against us we'd have a lead right now.

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