Green Envy: What Cavaliers Fans said; 12/9

Tonight, the Boston Celtics dominated the 5-17 Cleveland Cavaliers from start to finish, with a final score of 110-88. There are very few fan bases that have to go through what the city of Cleveland has over the years. The team has been a consistent bottom of the barrel lottery team throughout the 21st century when LeBron James is not on the roster. In their matchup with the Celtics tonight, their lack of LeBron was perhaps more present than ever, and it was not pretty on the Cavs' side of things. Here is what Cavaliers fans had to say: 

Cavs’ fanbase making a strong case for the most depressed in the league


Kevin love will lead us to another 40+ point loss boys. Tanking for Wiseman

Wonder if I can get down enough beers to get emotionally ready to watch the Cavaliers get dropped by 40 in person tonight. #CavsNation #WishMeLuck

why am I even firing up the cavs game

#CavsCeltics. All I want to see tonight is us not getting blown out by the team I dislike the most. Of course, a W would be even better! Go #Cavs! #BeTheFight

I just need the Cavs to keep it within 25 tonight

Well I turned on the radio to listen to the CAVS. Please have mercy on my soul.

Celtics are winning too much. I don't like it.

The quest for 65-17 continues

“””sadly””” missing the cavs game to watch my niece’s game

How much we losing by tonight Cavs fans?

Celtics unbeaten at home, Cavs a trainwreck. Yeah pass on that one.

It didn’t start well for Cavs fans… all

Every Cavs game I watch, I miss fat K Love more and more

The Cavs have no one who can guard Jaylen Brown

3 minutes into this Cavs game and they’re already not running back on defense after turnovers. Hard to watch when morale is this low.

Well this one might already be over lmao

Can y’all at least try tonight?

I don’t think the Cavs are as good as the Celtics

Sexton is such a bust in all honesty. We might aswell ship him off with Love and get someone just as productive at his age.

The cavs are garbage I can’t watch this team anymore. Make trades ASAP!

Man I wish the cavs would do us all a favor and trade / release Kevin love ASAP! The dude is not a good player and even less of one without a whole bunch of great players around him... he could not carry a bucket of water let alone an NBA team...

I love this team and I know we’re rebuilding (tanking)but I’d also  like to not get blown out by 30 every night

Kevin out there tanking his trade value

Why do the Cavs make it so hard to love them?

Same shit, different day

So after scoring 36 points in a half against the Sixers, we come out and score 18 in the 1st quarter...

False Hope Arises 

Cavs are trying tonight baybeee

One of the best teams in the East gotta come stronger than that Cavs cmon boys

That’s the movement I wanna see. Incredible seeing some forced fast breaks too

the Cavs using their mediocrity to lull opponents into dumb turnovers >>>

TT is incredible tonight

aye at least we not down 40

No one can really blame them for giving in though....

Worst team ever

Yep. I officially give up on Sexton.

watching the cavs is actually cancerous

Cavs on the road tomorrow night at North Miami. JV Boys game at 6pm. Varsity to follow.

How the hell was this team 4-5???

Guys I don’t think the #Cavs are gonna win tonight.

I can't watch this Cavs game anymore...........f**king pathetic

I'm getting used to being down 20. That's not good, not for a rebuilding nor for a young/developing team

As embarrassing as it was that the Cavs got to 4 wins before the Browns, somehow the Browns also got to 6 wins before the Cavs

Cavs were down by ten, I turn the game back on and the Celtics took the rubber off on us

It's the little things in life I guess 

Remember when the Cavs were fun to watch for like a week? Couple wins, couple close losses. Good times

If we only lose by 20, we cut the margin by almost half! Baby steps?
-->  Okay so maybe I spoke too soon about only losing by 20.

I love Garland being more assertive today. Not standing in the corner as much and getting more involved

Say what you want about the Cavs but we are elite at tanking

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